Welcome to WildWings Bird Management’s first blog post

A Sooty Tern watching me - the roles are usually reversed!
A Sooty Tern watching me – the roles are usually reversed!

Chris Feare’s rebirth as WildWings Bird Management took place in 1996, following a career of research in bird management spanning a quarter of a century. WildWings Bird Management offers consultancy on the management of wild birds for conservation and pest bird control, and includes research on management options and on the basic biology of birds of conservation concern.

Current activities are centred on small tropical islands, especially but not exclusively in Seychelles, where Chris has worked for over 40 years. Research is now aimed at unravelling the mysteries of the feeding and migration of Sooty Terns, revealing extraordinary distances covered on migration and remarkable variation in the duration and distances of forging trips during incubation, depending on the availability of food. Practical management of problem birds on islands has now resulted in the successful eradication of Common Mynas from Denis Island, Seychelles, already showing benefits in the increase in populations of threatened endemic birds.

Forthcoming posts will provide more details of these and other activities, including training courses in some bird management techniques.

So welcome to the blog, which I hope will prove interesting and useful to others with interests in these fields.

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