That green sunset “flash” again

Brown Noddies on Bird Island’s west beach seconds before the green “flash” made its momentary appearance at sunset on 10 June (Photo: Chris Feare)

In my post of 24 July 2016 I mentioned the green “flash” that is sometimes visible from Bird Island as the last rim of the setting sun disappears over the horizon in the tropics. Ability to see this event depends on viewing conditions as it normally requires a clear cloudless sky right down to the horizon over the sea. These conditions are more likely to be encountered during the northwest monsoon period (approximately November to April in Seychelles) than during the southeast trade wind season (June to October).

On 10 June 2017, however, Christine and I sat on the western beach of Bird Island watching a small flock of Brown Noddies at the water’s edge as the sun was going down. There were narrow bands of cloud where the sun was about to set but through a small gap of clear sky on the horizon I was able to see the orange of the last rim of sun momentarily turn bright green before the sun was lost to view.

For a good video of the phenomenon see:

This exciting but transient event could well require more evenings to be spent on the beach at sunset!

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