“Orange Omelettes and Dusky Wanderers” gets a lift off



On Saturday 4 November my book “Orange Omelettes and Dusky Wanderers” was launched in my local town, Haslemere. Haslemere Bookshop hosted an afternoon brief talk and signing. At the well-attended event I explained the background to my studies of Sooty Terns in Seychelles, initiated through concern over the excessive harvesting of their eggs in the 1930s and the loss of colonies in the first half of the 20th century. I gave brief details of the birds’ biology and the results of the huge ringing effort undertaken in the 1970s and mid-1990s. I then concluded with some results of recent tracking studies, showing that, in addition to the harvesting of eggs within Seychelles, Sooty Terns are likely to be subjected to other threats when on migration to parts of the Indian Ocean remote from Bird Island, where most of the investigations have been undertaken. These include over-fishing of tuna, pollution of the ocean by plastics and other contaminants, and weather events such as the increase in number and severity of storms. This outline generated an interesting question session.





My thanks to Haslemere Bookshop, from whom the book can be bought (books@haslemere.com), for their interest in promoting “Orange omelettes, which is also available from the Natural History Book Service (www.nhbs.com) or directly from me (feare_wildwings@msn.com), at £13.99 + P&P. And a big “thank you” to all who attended!


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