Curieuse Island

Since human settlement of the Seychelles archipelago about two-and-a-half centuries ago, most of the granitic islands that form the main island group have been substantially modified by man’s activities. At about 280 hectares, Curieuse is the fifth largest of the granitic islands and, like most of the others, it was formerly forested. Among the trees … More Curieuse Island

A walk through the woods uncovers a bit more of Bird Island’s history

Further to my post of 22 July, two other remnants of Bird Island’s former life remain hidden in the woods. Bird Island has two sources of water. Fresh drinking water is collected from rainfall, stored in enclosed reservoirs and treated before use. Water used for purposes other than drinking, on the other hand, comes from … More A walk through the woods uncovers a bit more of Bird Island’s history

Training in the use of GPS loggers on small seabirds

Having undertaken trials of different methods for attaching tiny Pathtrack ( GPS loggers to small seabirds in Seychelles (see blog post of 12 December 2015), and found the most acceptable method for Sooty Terns, Christine and I have conducted a training course for staff of the Island Conservation Society (ICS) in Seychelles. ICS is an … More Training in the use of GPS loggers on small seabirds

Amazing Aride Island

I first stepped foot on Aride Island, Seychelles, in March 1972. With John Procter, then the Conservation Advisor to the Seychelles Government, we undertook a 3-day survey of the island, its vegetation and bird and reptile life. The island lived up to its name, being very dry even at the end of the “wet” season … More Amazing Aride Island

Orange omelettes and dusky wanderers

After a very long gestation period, my book “Orange omelettes and dusky wanderers” has now been published by Calusa Bay Publications, Seychelles. It describes my experiences in Seychelles from late 1971 to the present. Based around the biology of my beloved Sooty Terns, it also embraces other areas of conservation in Seychelles, illustrating the leading … More Orange omelettes and dusky wanderers

Blue Pigeons and Bulbuls bounce back in Seychelles

In the 1960s a paper in the British Ornithologists’ Union journal, Ibis, by a group of students from Bristol University, UK, raised awareness of the critical plight of some of Seychelles’ endemic birds. Particular concern was raised about the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone corvina, the Seychelles Warbler Acrocephalus sechellensis and the Seychelles Magpie Robin Copsychus … More Blue Pigeons and Bulbuls bounce back in Seychelles

Silence on North Island

On 25 May Christine and I, along with Wilna Accouche, who replaced Arjan de Groene as General Manager of the Seychelles NGO Green Islands Foundation (GIF), travelled in heavy seas to North Island. On arrival our belongings were taken to the island’s biosecurity centre, where all incoming goods are inspected in a rodent-proof room (to … More Silence on North Island