Amazing Aride Island

I first stepped foot on Aride Island, Seychelles, in March 1972. With John Procter, then the Conservation Advisor to the Seychelles Government, we undertook a 3-day survey of the island, its vegetation and bird and reptile life. The island lived up to its name, being very dry even at the end of the “wet” season … More Amazing Aride Island

Orange omelettes and dusky wanderers

After a very long gestation period, my book “Orange omelettes and dusky wanderers” has now been published by Calusa Bay Publications, Seychelles. It describes my experiences in Seychelles from late 1971 to the present. Based around the biology of my beloved Sooty Terns, it also embraces other areas of conservation in Seychelles, illustrating the leading … More Orange omelettes and dusky wanderers

The North Island myna eradication – update January 2017

Earlier posts have described progress in the myna eradication project on North Island, Seychelles. The eradication has been proceeding well and is approaching its final stages. Green Islands Foundation, who are administering the project, are now advertising for a new volunteer ( to assist with the completion of the eradication. The full advertisement is printed … More The North Island myna eradication – update January 2017

Arjan de Groene, General manager of Green Islands Foundation 2013-2016

In November 2013 a whirlwind hit Seychelles. On Denis Island in 2010 I, with the help of volunteers, had made a very promising start to the eradication of Common Mynas to prevent their predation of some of Seychelles’ endemic birds that had been on the verge of extinction. Unfortunately, the project had waned in 2011 … More Arjan de Groene, General manager of Green Islands Foundation 2013-2016

News update from North Island, Seychelles

In May 2016 Christine and I visited North Island, Seychelles, to begin another WildWings Bird Mangement-led attempt to eradicate Common Mynas from the island (see blog post of 21 May 2016). The project is being funded by both GEF/UNDP and North Island and managed by Green Islands Foundation, and is undertaken by volunteers that Christine … More News update from North Island, Seychelles

Silhouette, North Island’s bigger sister

Looking towards the south-west from North Island’s west beach, Silhouette Island rises majestically from the ocean as a massive rock. It is, in fact, Seychelles’ fourth largest Island but it differs from the three larger islands (Mahe, Praslin and La Digue) in never having been developed to the same extent. Its human community has always … More Silhouette, North Island’s bigger sister

North Island – second changeover of the myna team

On 5 August Christine and I returned to North Island to welcome and train two new volunteers, who will carry the myna eradication forward for the next six months. The island is much drier than when we left in May. Badamyann trees (Terminalia catappa, commonly known as Indian Almond), are losing their leaves as is … More North Island – second changeover of the myna team