Another unexpected visitor to Bird Island

Bird Island is renowned for the number of non-resident birds that appear in its approximately 100 hectares of land. This might be because Bird is the northernmost island of Seychelles, and thus possibly the first land seen by birds arriving from the north. Additionally, smaller birds are probably more visible in Bird Island’s generally open … More Another unexpected visitor to Bird Island

Silence on North Island

On 25 May Christine and I, along with Wilna Accouche, who replaced Arjan de Groene as General Manager of the Seychelles NGO Green Islands Foundation (GIF), travelled in heavy seas to North Island. On arrival our belongings were taken to the island’s biosecurity centre, where all incoming goods are inspected in a rodent-proof room (to … More Silence on North Island

The silence of a August English garden

No raucous Sooty Terns! No noisily chanting Common Mynas! Christine and I left Seychelles earlier than intended but since our return to UK we have been blessed with sunshine and daytime temperatures close to those we experienced during the south-east trades on Bird and North Islands. After a four-month absence however, my Surrey garden resembled … More The silence of a August English garden