Feedback from Pathtrack: tracking technology moves on

On Friday 16 September Christine and I visited Pathtrack Ltd, the company that makes the GPS loggers (Nanofix GEO+) that we deploy on Sooty Terns (and that we also put on Brown Noddies with Camille Lebarbenchon, our friend based at Reunion Island). Following increased demand for their tracking equipment Pathtrack have relocated to a larger building in … More Feedback from Pathtrack: tracking technology moves on

A Noddy enigma

The colours and patterns of the eggs and chicks of ground-nesting terns are generally considered to have evolved to provide camouflage against the background of the nesting areas. This works to a certain extent: Sooty Tern eggs are difficult to see on a sandy substrate and dark brown downy chicks are barely visible among driftwood … More A Noddy enigma