More good food in Andalucía – Venta Las Delicias in Rosario

Cities, towns and villages in Andalucía abound with restaurants and tapas bars, providing a huge variety of dishes and prices. While many genres of food are available, including Chinese, Italian and Indian, tapas bars tend to have similar ranges of local foods, based especially on seafoods and pork, salads and olives. During my days as … More More good food in Andalucía – Venta Las Delicias in Rosario

News update from North Island, Seychelles

In May 2016 Christine and I visited North Island, Seychelles, to begin another WildWings Bird Mangement-led attempt to eradicate Common Mynas from the island (see blog post of 21 May 2016). The project is being funded by both GEF/UNDP and North Island and managed by Green Islands Foundation, and is undertaken by volunteers that Christine … More News update from North Island, Seychelles

Only two Flamingos

As readers of my earlier blogs will know, the lagoon at Fuente de Piedra is one of my favourite birdwatching haunts, famed for its large nesting colony of Flamingos that under the right conditions can exceed 20,000 pairs. We visited on 9 October to discover a baked pan of whitish mud with no standing water. … More Only two Flamingos

The plastic coast

The main road eastwards from Órgiva runs along valley sides of the Sierra Nevada foothills through stunning scenery, ranging from the wide gravel valley bottom, doubtless periodically a raging flood but during our visit little more than a dry river bed, to high mountain peaks. The mixture of wooded and scrubby slopes is periodically studded … More The plastic coast

Invasive Alien Species (IAS) – not just on small islands

“Invasive alien species” (IAS) is the term used to describe animal and plant (and even bacteria, viruses) species that have been deliberately or accidentally introduced to new parts of the world, generally through human a gency, and having been introduced they have the capacity to thrive in their new environments. In so doing they can … More Invasive Alien Species (IAS) – not just on small islands